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The practice of divorce mediation is a rapidly growing alternative to the traditional, adversarial approach to divorce. We can help negotiate a settlement through a private and confidential process that is less stressful, faster and less expensive than the traditional divorce process.

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Divorce Mediation Group

At Divorce Mediation Group, we work with you to craft a settlement that works for you and for your family. Our divorce mediators work with you to explore options, get the information you need to make good decisions and reach your own agreements, keeping you in ultimate control over your future.

  • Open, cooperative environment
  • The most constructive, respectful divorce process
  • Retain control of the decisions you make
  • A reasonable approach
  • Make well informed decisions
  • Experience, patience, strength, warmth & clarity
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Mediation Services & Expertise we provide

Divorce Mediation Group
Settle your divorce in a sane, sensible and fair way at a reasonable cost.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation Group
Helping families determine allocation of parental responsibilities

Parenting Plans

Divorce Mediation Group
Helping to fairly and properly mediate the distribution of assets

Dividing Assets & Liabilities

How We Help You


We mediate because we care deeply about the effect of divorce on spouses and children.  We mediate because we believe that we are providing a caring, informed and constructive process for families in divorce.  We mediate because we know that it is the best way for families to successfully survive the divorce experience.

The practice of divorce mediation is a rapidly growing alternative to the traditional, adversarial approach to divorce. In place of two attorneys, each representing the separate interests of a spouse in a contest of wills, an experienced certified mediator guides the divorcing couple through a negotiated settlement. A child parenting plan, support obligations, health insurance, and the disposition of assets and liabilities are decided in a cooperative, civilized and efficient process.

Your divorce mediator’s professional skills, experience, and neutral stance will help you negotiate a settlement that is fair, responsible, and long-lasting.

Divorce is seldom easy. Mediation is your opportunity to negotiate a divorce settlement that works for each spouse and for the children. It is a civil alternative to the often emotionally devastating and financially draining adversarial divorce process.

Your Initial Consultation

We invite you to give us the opportunity to address your case and the possible solutions even if you do not end up retaining us. We do not ask you to choose us. We ask you to choose the right lawyer. Whether that is us or someone else is irrelevant. We invite you to consult with a couple family lawyers prior to choosing who you better connect with. We charge for our initial consultation because we want serious clients who know of us and trust us before they come in. If you have to pay for something, you will spend much more time looking into it, qualifying it and determining whether it is worth the money or whether you really need it. We want you to do that with us. Because that is where a good solicitor/client relationship starts. We do not need to or want to give incentives such as a free consultation to lure clients into retaining us. Our quality of advice and work should do that job which again are ingredients to successful cases and good relationships. CALL 413-733-4444